Marilyn K. Moody: Poet and Author

Photo of Marilyn K. Moody

Marilyn K. Moody grew up on the pancake-flat prairie of Central Illinois—and still prefers open spaces and distant horizons. She is a graduate of the 2021–2022 class of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop Poetry Collective. She has published work in Progenitor Art & Literary Journal, Of Rust and Glass, The Solitary Plover, The Great Isolation: Colorado Creativity in the Time of the Pandemic, Chiaroscuro: An Anthology of Virtue & Vice, Fresh Starts: Tales from the Pikes Peak Writers, and the Poetry Society of Colorado Centennial Anthology. A 2020 Colorado Book Award winner, Rise: An Anthology of Change, also includes two of her poems. Her poem, “Bomb Friday at the Library,” is a 2020 Pushcart Prize nominee. She lives near Denver.